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How to Prepare for Ramadan Fasting?How to Prepare for Ramadan Fasting?

How to Prepare for Ramadan Fasting?

Health during the Holy Month is a recurring aspect that seems to get more attention each year! Dr. Ludidi was previously interviewed by Men’s Health NL and you read all about it below!
Workout routineWorkout routine
1 min

Workout routine

Physical activity - along with a good diet - is one of the main pillars of healthy living. Daily physical activity activates your body and keeps your metabolism high.Especially for this month, I have selected three exercises that can help you!‍
Sodium – potassium – saltSodium – potassium – salt
6 min

Sodium – potassium – salt

Salt is one of the culprits here and there. And it is quite a difficult one because, although salt has been used for centuries as a preservative and for seasoning, it has also caused a lot of health problems in recent decades: I'm talking about high blood pressure.
Proprioception, sounds like rocket science?Proprioception, sounds like rocket science?
2 min

Proprioception, sounds like rocket science?

Haven't you wondered why even a tiny bump on the pavement could make you fall while walking? Or how a gymnast can perform complex exercises like a backflip on a 10 cm wide (!!!) balance beam? Or how your body 'knows' how to catch a tennis ball with the speed of light? This is where proprioception comes into play.
The Food Academy: Look back and move on!The Food Academy: Look back and move on!
3 Min

The Food Academy: Look back and move on!

Wow! The first season of The Food Academy is already over. It’s been such a pleasure to share all this valuable information with you. It’s exactly these fundamentals that I teach my clients too, to get a better grip on their health and personal wellbeing. I’m thrilled to move on because there is more to come, but first, let’s just get a quick recap of what we learned during that first season. ‍

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About Dr. Ludidi

Samefko Ludidi, Ph.D. (Dutch - South-African, 1985) also known as Dr. Ludidi, is a renowned nutrition scientist, bestselling author, and private coach and consultant. He is a health & wellness expert with over a decade of experience.

By focusing on natural approaches on how to get back in contact with our bodies to live healthier and happier lives, simply through food, movement, and lifestyle, Dr. Ludidi has become a thought leader in his field.

Dr. Ludidi

The Dr. Ludidi Method of Intermittent Fasting [EN]

‘Eat well, fast responsibly, and reclaim your health! Dr. Ludidi has developed a signature method which can help you live a healthier life, and improve your athletic performance. His method is clear, effective, and convenient!’

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