Dr. Ludidi

Who is Dr. Ludidi?

Samefko Ludidi, Ph.D. (Dutch - South-African, 1985) also known as
Dr. Ludidi, is a renowned nutrition scientist, bestselling author, and private coach and consultant. He is a health & wellness expert with over a decade of experience.

By focusing on natural approaches on how to get back in contact with our bodies to live healthier and happier lives, simply through food, movement, and lifestyle, Dr. Ludidi has become a thought leader in his field.

On his quest to unravel what’s best for our health, the Doc draws inspiration ranging from cutting-edge developments in western science to the deep-rooted traditions of indigenous peoples and anthropological works. The Doc loves to rock his talks, and has been published internationally, nationally, and locally.

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“That’s what I enjoy so much: breaking down the complexity of health and wellness.”

I love working with all kinds of people- athletes, top executives, busy parents, celebrities…they all share the same goal. They all want to live healthier lives, become more athletic, improve their performance, lose weight, calm their gut, and more. In my years of experience, it’s become totally clear that what people really want, above all, is to get a better grip on their lives. To make better decisions in order to reach their higher goals: a healthy body, and a calm mind. Satisfaction. Happiness in life. And not only to achieve this, but to maintain it as a natural lifestyle for the rest of their lives. 

After I opened my practice, over a decade ago, I noticed that not everything that I learnt in academia could directly be translated into what I called ‘The real world’. Because that world required a sense of human touch. Emotion. And that emotional factor, which is so important, was missing in the academic research I was studying.

I found that essential emotional factor through working with professional chefs. They made me aware of the fact that food is not just about nutrition and technical or scientific qualities. Food is also about an experience, taste, and social aspects. 

Food is feeling.

I wanted people to start questioning what we were doing and why we were doing it. We needed to get rid of the diet culture of minimizing our consumption of real foods. We needed to shift to eating more high quality, nutrient-dense, yet delicious foods. Food can be made very complicated, through fancy names, research, and academic terms. But we mustn’t overcomplicate something that is so simple in essence.  That’s what I enjoy so much: breaking down the complexity of health and wellness, and showing all the layers that are under the surface. Explaining them in a simple way that everyone can relate to. And making my advice sustainable so that it becomes a natural part of your daily life.

Over the past years, my interest in indigenous and ancestral health and wisdom in relation to health has skyrocketed. These essential and often overlooked anthropological aspects form the latest development to my view of health  and my approach. In the end, achieving health is actually about achieving happiness. And that relates to human beings of all kinds. Because in the end, we are all human.

And so this is my story, but it is also the story of the people, of humanity, of all of us. 
It’s not just my story.
It’s our story.
All of us together. 

Enjoy your health!


I can help you with...

Get expert assistance with a variety of health & wellness services. Check them out for more information. Let's get in touch!

Intermittent Fasting

Read more

Dr. Ludidi is a pioneer, renowned expert, and a multiple bestselling author on Intermittent Fasting.

If you’re looking for an expert talk, private coaching, or just want to read more about the topic of fasting, this is the place to be.

Sports Performance

Read more

With over a decade as a coach and consultant in the field of elite sports, we offer targeted nutrition optimisation solutions for both professional teams and individual athletes.

Our client base includes UFC, UCI Team Qhubeka, and GLORY.

Keynote speaker

Read more

Dr. Ludidi is a frequently asked speaker about health, wellness, and intermittent fasting.

His talks always strike the right tone and are an excellent source of inspiration, motivation, and education.

Event Host

Read more

A good host will make or break the quality of your event. The Doc.’s capacity to connect with speakers and audiences, get to the essence of the issue and, at the same time, zoom out to unravel the bigger picture, are some of the reasons why he’s such a popular event host.

Being an easy and experienced talker makes every event flow naturally, and doing this with flair and humor means that everyone leaves with food for thought after seeing the Doc in action.

Vitality Solutions

Read more

The Dr. Ludidi Method helps your company to increase the experience, awareness, and level of vitality among your employees.

We offer a variety of high quality and engaging vitality solutions, tailored to your company’s wishes.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Read more

About 10-15% of people suffer from IBS. Food and lifestyle are key components. Both of these elements are involved in the development of symptoms.

After coaching, there is a high success rate in symptom reduction. Based on his scientific research, Dr. Ludidi offers private coaching to better cope with IBS. 

Weight Loss & Longevity

Read more

More and more people seem to struggle with their health every year. Finding sustainable solutions to keep us healthy and happy throughout our entire lives is what most of us are looking for. We offer a variety of 1:1 coaching options according to the Dr. Ludidi Method, and tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

In order to help even more people with our coaching method, we also offer both online and private coaching programs, by a certified Dr. Ludidi coach. In select cases, Premium Private+ coaching is offered by Dr. Ludidi himself (only by request). Our coaching can be customised to your specific needs, varying from weight loss and longevity, to sports performance, IBS and much more. Through our coaching, we will provide you with the right insight, tools, and motivation to get a better grip on your health. Every client has a coach on call for the duration of their program. Limited spots available. Use the contactbutton to request more info about Dr. Ludidi Coaching or contact khaya@drludidi.com directly for Premium Private+ coaching.

What people say about Dr. Ludidi

Extraordinary People, Outstanding Achievements

Diana Matroos
Diana Matroos
Journalist BNR Newsradio

"The special journey I took with Samefko Ludidi not only made me lose weight and become healthier, but also made me look at my entire lifestyle in a completely different way. So also mentally."

Jarno Errens
Jarno Errens
UFC MMA pro fighter

"Entering the highest stage of martial arts, I had to take my health seriously, that's why I reached out to the doc."

Corey Caillet
Corey Caillet
Celebrity trainer & actor

"What doc does is the real deal. Health to him is no gimmick, he lives what he preaches and that's what I like about him so much."

Selma Omari
Selma Omari
TV personality

"Since I started working with doc, I got rid of my energy dips plus my body is getting its natural shape back."

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