Dr. Ludidi Private+ Coaching

by Dr. Ludidi

Dr. Ludidi Private+ Coaching

Dr. Ludidi's high-end coaching offers a variety of services to help you acquire the right skills and knowledge to become healthier, fitter and happier. Depending on your personal requirements, we offer you a coaching model that suits you best!

For who?

Dr. Ludidi's coaching offers a variety of services to help you acquire the right skills and knowledge to become healthier, fitter and happier. Our coaching model includes a start-up phase and a basic monthly component which you can tailor to your personal needs. Depending on your personal requirements, our basic level of service starts with a monthly video call with Dr. Ludidi, to keep you on the right track and extends all the way to having weekly privates with Dr. Ludidi to stay on track, as well as unlimited, on-demand private access, for those who really know what they want and are willing to put in the required work to make the difference in the long-run.

Dr. Ludidi's coaching is used for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  • weight loss
  • improvement of gut health and IBS
  • improvement of symptoms (such as intestinal, musculoskeletal complaints)
  • improvement of sports performance
  • achieving a more balanced lifestyle
  • health promotion, etc.

Private+ Coaching by Dr. Samefko Ludidi

All our coaching services start with an initial full-access start-up month (from EUR 2000.00 excl. VAT) to get the most out of the start of our program. Subsequently, you can select the subscription model that suits you best, starting from the basic maintenance plan (EUR 150.00/ monthly, excl. VAT), to the full-option private model.

1. Procedure

Dr. Ludidi Private + Coaching requires a minimum coaching period of 3 months. Please subscribe for your plan below, you can upgrade or downgrade as you desire at any given moment. As soon as your subscription has been activated, you will get a link to select the start-up model you prefer. Once you have paid for your startup month, we well contact you in 1-2 business days to schedule your intake. Depending on Dr. Ludidi's occupancy, we aim to schedule your intake within a timeframe of 10-20 days. Your coaching will be activated after your intake, this is also when you will get direct private access to Dr. Ludidi.

2. Expectations

Dr. Ludidi shares with great passion and pleasure his knowledge to help you progress in your health Journey. In accepting the collaboration with Dr. Ludidi, he will consider you as his extension, the representative of the Dr. Ludidi Method. That means he acts as your base, guide and mentor. However, authentically mastering the knowledge and practicing what is imparted in a representative manner, is all up to you!

3. What you get:

A1: Premium start-up phase

Every new coaching journey starts with a conversation with Dr. Ludidi. During the intake procedure, Dr. Ludidi tries to understand the needs of each client. Each client is unique and therefore gets a fully personalised, individualised program, personally crafted by Dr. Ludidi himself, needless to state here that also for the coaching, Dr. Ludidi does this himself.

To get the most out of the first month, we have composed a comprehensive package that includes:
1. Physical visit at your home* or at Dr. Ludidi's
2. Intake consultation and anamnesis
3. Anamnesis follow-up:
- body composition measurements
- blood marker sampling
- blood marker lab-analysis
4. Plan of action, including intake results consultation
5. Highly personalised nutrition programming
6. Highly personalised coaching
7. Weekly personal progress & health evaluation
8. "24/7" online coaching availability & support

Start up price: EUR 2900.00 excl. VAT*

* If you chose for the visit at your home, travel expenses will apply, EUR 75.00 excl. VAT per travelled hour (home base, Maastricht, NL)

A2. Light start-up phase

Here you will make a strong, online start with Dr. Ludidi, includes the following:
1. A 60 min. online intake consultation.
2. Plan of action, including intake results consultation
3. Highly personalised nutrition programming
4. Highly personalised coaching
5. Weekly personal progress & health evaluation
6. "24/7" online coaching availability & support

You provide:
- Body composition measurements
- Blood marker data

A light-option is available for: EUR 2000.00 excl. VAT, which includes:

B. Continue with your desired plan

After the first month you will continue with the plan you subscribed for. You can find our plans in the overview below. Here you can directly subscribe. If you have any questions regarding our coaching options, please contact our management via khaya@drludidi.com.

C. Additional services: physical evaluations, nutrition plans and more

Dr. Ludidi offers a range of additional services, including:
1. Physical evaluation and body measurements: EUR 550.00 excl. V excl. travel expenses
2. Lab-analysis - only in combination with '1': depending on analyses
- Metabolic package EUR 100.00 excl. VAT
- Metabolic-Hormonal package EUR 189.00 excl. VAT
- Metabolic-Hormonal-Vitamins package EUR 269.00 excl. VAT
3. New programming lifestyle program: EUR 1750.00 excl. VAT
* If you chose for the visit at your home, travel expenses will apply, EUR 75.00 excl. VAT per travelled hour (home base, Maastricht, NL)

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