Dr. Ludidi Method Coaching Options

by Dr. Ludidi

Dr. Ludidi Method Coaching Options

Coaching Dr. Ludidi Method

Our coaching options have been developed to make the Dr. Ludidi Method coaching available for more people, yet still according to Dr. Ludidi's high-quality standards. Our coaches offer personal attention and high-quality coaching, all according to Dr. Ludidi's standards.

Dr. Ludidi's coaching forms are used for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  • weight loss
  • improvement of gut health and IBS
  • improvement of symptoms (such as intestinal, musculoskeletal complaints)
  • improvement of sports performance
  • achieving a more balanced lifestyle
  • health promotion, etc.

Please be aware that the coaching will be done by one of our coaches (see below) and not by Dr. Ludidi himself. For coaching by Dr. Ludidi, please redirect to the bottom of this section or the bottom of this page.

1. Procedure

Each trajectory starts with an intake. During the intake procedure (together with the coach), we have a conversation with the client where we try to understand the need of each client. Our high-quality coaching includes contact moments with the coach via the app or (video) call. The frequency of digital contact moments depends on your plan of choice. If you are looking to get your health game to the next level, you are at the right address with us.

All our coaching services come with a monthly plan, starting from EUR 149.00/ month incl. VAT for our starter pack, ranging to EUR 499.00 / month incl. VAT for our full-option, 100% personalised private plan.

Dr. Ludidi Private + Coaching requires a minimum coaching period of 3 months. Please subscribe for your plan above, you can upgrade or downgrade as you desire at any given moment. As soon as your subscription has been activated, we well contact you in 1-2 business days to schedule your intake within 1 week. The intake will mark the start of your coaching with us.

2. Expectations

Dr. Ludidi and his team share their knowledge with great passion and pleasure, to help you progress on your Health Journey. In accepting the collaboration with us, we will consider you as our extension, the representative of the Dr. Ludidi Method. That means we act as your base, guide and mentor. However, authentically mastering the knowledge and practicing what is imparted in a representative manner, is all up to you!

3. What you get

A. Coaching Dr. Ludidi Method: practical

All our coaching options start at a minimum coaching period of 3 months, to guarantee best results. Every new coaching journey starts with a conversation with one of our coaches. During the (digital) intake procedure, they try to to understand the needs of each client. To give you what you are looking for, and to make our services available for more people, we have composed a number of different packages at a varying price range, starting from EUR 109.00/ month, incl. VAT.

You can find our plans in the overview above. Here you can directly subscribe. You can change your plan at any given moment. Your subscription runs for a minimum of 3 months. If you have any questions regarding our coaching options, please contact our management via khaya@drludidi.com.

B. Additional services: physical evaluations, nutrition plans and more

We offer a range of additional services, including:

  • Physical evaluation and body measurements: EUR 129.00 incl. VAT excl. travel expenses*
  • Lab-analysis - only in combination with '1': Metabolic package via finger-prick testing EUR 99.00 incl. VAT
  • New programming lifestyle program: EUR 299.00 incl. VAT

* If you chose for the visit at your home, travel expenses will apply, EUR 35.00 excl. VAT per travelled hour (home base, Maastricht, NL)

High-end coaching by Dr. Ludidi

If you are looking for high-end coaching by Dr. Ludidi himself, please be aware that this comes at a different price range. This is a form of 1:1 coaching that is mainly taken by people with special lifestyles or special needs (including artists, (top) athletes, celebrities & jet setters, but also business executives/ managers who are often under pressure or for a specific health case).  

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Read how our clients have experienced Dr. Ludidi's coaching.

"I've been through such a huge change since I started working with Dr. Ludidi. Traveling intercontinentally and through different time zones makes it challenging to stay in charge of your health, Dr. Ludidi didn't only get me fit, he also taught me how to stay fit!"

Prof. Dr. Freek Vonk, Biologist & TV personality

"The special Journey I took with Samefko not only made me lose weight and helped me become healthier, it also made me look at my entire lifestyle in a completely different way. So also mentally."

Diana Matroos, Journalist & TV Presenter

"Entering the highest stage of martial arts, I had to take my health seriously, that's why I reached out to the doc."

Jarno Errens, UFC athlete

"What doc does is the real deal. Health to him is no gimmick, he lives what he preaches and that's what I like about him so much."

Corey Calliet, Celebrity Trainer & Actor

"I learned so much during my Fasting Journey with Dr. Ludidi. My relationship with food has improved and I feel healthier"

Antoinette Hertsenberg, TV Presenter

"Since I started working with doc, I got rid of my energy dips plus my body is getting its natural shape back!"

Selma Omari, YouTuber


Meet our coaches

Coach Mai

Mai is an experienced Private Coach who joined Dr. Ludidi's team in 2021. She is a mother and gym co-owner of CrossFit Go Personal, a diverse gym that caters to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and athletic abilities.

As a coach, Mai's approach is holistic, taking into account various aspects of her clients' lives that can impact their overall well-being. This includes factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress levels, movement, and other potential influencers. She recognizes the importance of finding a sustainable approach to help her clients achieve their goals and encourages them to find a pattern that fits their individual lifestyles. Check out her Instagram account!

Being a partner, mother of 2 and running my own business, I know how much it takes to put all the pieces together. Even though it's not always easy, I know that, with the right tools it is absolutely feasible to get a better grip on your life and wellbeing and achieve your goals!

Mai believes in the value of enjoying food and respects her clients' taste preferences when providing advice. She aims to help her clients become the best version of themselves by focusing on their personal growth and improvement. As such, her coaching philosophy emphasises a dedication to achieving a long-lasting and positive transformation rather than a quick fix.

Mai's expertise in coaching and business, combined with her empathetic and individualised approach, make her a valuable asset to anyone seeking personal growth and development and we are more than proud to have her aboard as one of the key pillars in the Dr. Ludidi Coaching team!

Coach Bjorn

Bjorn joined our team in 2022 as a Dr. Ludidi Private Coach. Bjorn has a Masters in Nutrition Sciences and currently resides in Maastricht, Netherlands. Apart from bing a Dr. Ludidi coach, Bjorn supports Dr. Ludidi executing research in the field. 

An enthusiastic athlete, Bjorn frequently visits the gym, engaging in strength training 5 times and calisthenics 2 times weekly. In addition to this, he is also a freelance model. Check out Bjorn on Instagram!

Sometimes you just have to step outside the comfort zone, open yourself up for new things, in order to go through personal development and reach a new level!

Bjorn believes that stepping outside of one's comfort zone is essential for personal growth and success, something he practices too himself, in both his modeling career and athletic pursuits. He aims to provide his clients with the necessary support and guidance to help them achieve their full potential.

Bjorn takes a holistic approach to coaching, examining all facets of his clients' lifestyles, including their nutrition, sleep patterns, stress levels, and daily routines. His goal is to help his clients adopt a sustainable lifestyle that they can maintain over the long term. He believes that healthy eating should be enjoyable and not viewed as a punishment, and thus encourages his clients to develop a positive relationship with food.

If you are ready to reach your full potential and make a positive change in your life, you're in good, caring hands with Bjorn!


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